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How to make a paracord bracelet step by step easy guide

In most cases, paracord bracelets are used by military personnel or during travels and leisure. However, they are also popular for regular usage because these bracelets can help people in a different survival situation and are used for more often than before. It seems simple but it can be a life saving tool. In cases of accidents or a snake bit, paracords can be used to stop bleeding which save your life. Being made of a parachute or a nylon rope and introduced after the world war two uses of paracord bracelet have significantly increased over time. It has crossed the military use and has been in a position to meet the several civilian purposes. Below is how to make a paracord bracelet quick, simple and easy.

Just like any other equipment, you will need some materials to make a paracord bracelet. Some of the materials you will need are; a paracord, a pair of scissors, a tape measure, a ruler, a torch lighter and a release buckle. What will vary is the amount of cord that you will use this depends on the need.

Measure your wrist

After you have all the materials than its time for you to have the exact measure of your wrist. What you will do is to take your paracord around your wrist and make a not where it meets, using a tape measure you will have the size of your wrist.

Find the center cord

After having the measurement of your wrist than the next step on how to make a paracord bracelet is to find the center cord. This can be done by having both ends of the cord held together and finding the loop center. Then after having the center cord pulled through the and of one buckle than have the cord pulled through the loop until it gets attached to the buckle.

Find the length of the bracelet

Once you have the center of the cord, then you will have to find the length of the bracelet. This can be done by having the buckle apart and having the free ends of the cord to the buckle. Then using your tape measure, you will have the distance between the two ends of the buckle measured this gives you the length of the bracelet.

Start knotting

While making a bracelet there are many names when it comes to knotting among them are; Solomon bar, cobra stitch and the Portuguese sinnet. Before you start making the knot, it is advisable that you define the style you will want to use.

Trim off the extra cord

Trimming off the extra cord is the last step on how to make a paracord bracelet. Using your pair of scissors, you will cut off the excess cord which is close to your previous knot. After you cut it off, then it is time for you to use your lighter and have the end melted. Once you have melted it then wait for some seconds for the cord to cool then using your thumb, you can have the melted area pressed; this will make the cord hard when it attaches.

Bam! Now you will have excellent results and once you get to know how this is done then making a paracord bracelet can be an easy thing to do.

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