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Basic Survival Essentials: The Ultimate Survival Gear List

Basic Survival Essentials: The Ultimate Survival Gear List 

Preparedness for unforeseen emergencies is essential, therefore, having a survival gear list is important. It will make your life easier in case a crisis occurs and you need to keep yourself and your family safe from any harm. It is an important aspect of family safety as a result of heightened fears that is exists in recent times. An emergency could strike any place any time and may occur instantly without warning signs. You, therefore, need to have a list of kits on standby as you may not be able to access the survival tools when in dire need. The list should contain vital accessories for short-term survival for you and your family. Being in possession of basic survival supplies means one is prepared for an emergency event. The list below comprises of tools that should be packed in a survival toolkit.

1. Fire starting Tools - Fire is important to survive cold conditions, cooking meals and fighting off predators if one is in the wildness. Fire starting tools include matches, lighter, fire striker and storm proof matches.

2. Water and Water Purification - Water is life and one cannot go for more than three days without water. Having a means of purifying water in the survival gear list ensures consumption of clean (purified). Water purification items include water purification tablets, bleach and water filter.

3. First Aid Kit - A first aid kit is useful in case of minor accidents or even major accidents before medical attention is given in a hospital setting. A first aid manual should be carried in order to familiarize with it if you are not experienced or trained in first aid measures.

4. Survival Shelter - A shelter provides protection against predators and extreme weather conditions or temperatures. A shelter should, therefore, be a priority in a survival gear list unless you are sure to find an alternative, such as a cabin situated in the woods. Survival shelters include a tent, hammock or a TACT Bivvy. A rain poncho that is large enough can be improvised to form a shelter.

5. Weapons for Survival - A survival gear list is not complete without weapons for survival used for self - defense. Weapons include items such as a firearm, knife, bow and arrow, pepper spray and a crossbow.

6. Flashlight or Headlamp - These items come in handy when darkness creeps in, during the night or when approaching areas of darkness such as caves. It is important to include extra batteries in the survival gear list.

7. Rescue Gears - An emergency can occur and you find yourself trapped in an area all alone, thus you may require to call out for help. For this purpose a signal mirror and a survival whistle are essential.

The list may also vary for different situations, other tools include; a map, emergency blanket, warm clothing and a large steel cup for boiling water. Your survival gear list should contain the above-mentioned items plus other items that may be critical considering the situation being prepared for. It is crucial to know how to use these items for any emergency or disaster that may arise or in case you venture into the wilderness.

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